Our Quality

The CHA Water Quality

CHA Water™ is obtained from Georgia's largest and purest spring near Calhoun, GA named Big Springs. It has not had any chemicals added including chlorine or fluoride. It then has 6 natural health giving properties added that takes it to the highest quality level water known on earth. It has a pH in the range of 8.5 to 9.5 generally. Sometimes the pH get as high as 10.8 when that happens white flecks of minerals start appearing in the water. These are fine to drink and indicate an even higher pH than the CHA Water™ that is clear. The pH cannot be measured with a piece of litmus paper because it is electrically charged. It can be indirectly measured by checking the pH of the tongue and then drinking the CHA Water™ and then rechecking the tongue. This is because the body discharges the CHA Water™. CHA water™ is pH tested hourly at the Spring's bottling plant with a frequently calibrated electric meter.

Information about CHA Water


IS FOR CHARGE. A very important characteristic of the Healthiest waters of the world is Charge. Stream waters in the highest mountains and rain water when it is first formed all carry a negative charge. It is replicated in CHA Water. This charge is one of the secrets to health and longevity enjoyed by several peoples around the world, like the Hunzas. Charge gives water an antioxidant property, attracts alkaline minerals and oxygen and carries them into the cell nourishing and assisting the cell to do its amazing work.


IS FOR HYDRATION. Water is the transporter of nutrients, including oxygen into the cells, and transports wastes out. Small water clusters get into and out of the cell, large clusters only pass on by. Normal tap water has very large water clusters averaging aound 25 and therefore only a small portion hydrates the cell. Compare this to the cool high mountain streams where the water clusters are small and the peoples there have optimal health. Through our proprietary process, CHA Water's small clusters get right into the cell. The difference is apparent. Your thirst is quenched, you feel great, and your body just performs optimally.


IS FOR ALKALINE. CHA Water is abundantly alkaline with a pH range of 8.5 to 10 which neutralizes acids. Bodily acids are formed from wastes of cellular metabolism, from stress of mind or body, from improper digestion and from the average diet high in fats, sugars, etc. Acidity leads to weight retention, depression and degenerative diseases. Acidosis of the blood can lead to death. CHA Water alkalinity, like the pristine waters of the highest mountain streams, is nature's solution to rid the body of excess acid wastes. Start today and enjoy the many health and performance benefits of alkaline water, its clear fresh taste and feel. Enjoy a more abundant life. Drink CHA.


We lose our health in 3 ways:

1. Acidosis
2. Malnutrition;
3. Parasites

1. Acidosis-Is caused from eating too much acid foods and or overly acidic foods such as sodas which are almost as acidic as battery acid. Our bodies produce acid wastes as well. So our bodies need alkaline input to buffer the acids. Our only alternative is to dilute them for instance by drinking a lot of water but some of the water is even acidic depending on the minerals it contacts or has dissolved in it. The neutral point for pH is 7. Above 7 (7-14) is alkaline. Below 7 (0-7) is acid. For example if you eat 1 ounce of food at a pH of 6 and drink 1 ounce of alkaline water at a pH of 8 the mix would have a pH of 7.

2. Malnutrition-Primarily mineral deficiencies in the food we eat caused by soil mineral depletion which causes plant deficiencies in a myriad of ways: missing compounds, missing or reduced vitamins, missing or reduced enzymes, etc.
This then becomes human deficiencies when we eat the plants.

3. Parasites-Worms, bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc.