"I have been a runner all my life. From high school until now, age 41, I have never been able to run the day after a race. After drinking CHA for less than a month, I not only ran the day after a race, but I had energy. I was training with a 19 year old. On ordinary water he was stretching me. On CHA water I was stretching him. When he was fading at 5 miles, I felt like turning it on the day after a race. My time had improved from 5:18 that I ran in my early 30's to 5:11. In my second race I had it down to 5:03 per mile. I think you have an incredible water."

B.D., Cleveland, TN Athlete

"Since drinking your CHA Water, I no longer have to take pills for acid reflux. Thank you for bringing this wonderful alkaline water to the world."


"The crossing of our paths was a blessing from God and another answer in my quest for optimal health. I have always been an active athlete and ate healthfully yet still had tenderness throughout my dorsal spine. After finally realizing that both my health and my patient's health were not responding to natural methods, changing acidity levels had to be the answer. After three weeks of drinking [CHA] I felt better. Soreness was gone and I had more energy. My ten month old and 2 1/2 year old drink only the alkaline water with their juice. Guess what? No diarrhea, no spitting up, no bellyaches, no nothing. My life as a chiropractor seeks to make people healthy. I know that an adjustment alone is not the answer. Your water is life changing. Thank you so much."

S.S., Decatur, Al Chiropractor

"For many years I have experienced pain from kidney stones that formed every 6 to 9 months. Since I began drinking CHA Water over 5 years ago, I have not experienced a single stone. Recently, after hearing reports of weight loss from those who are drinking a gallon or more a day of the CHA Water, I increased my daily intake accordingly. Not only did I begin losing weight but my arthritis pains, of 7-8 years, rapidly went away. All desire for junk food has disappeared and my body experienced a wonderful sense of well being."

S.G., Cleveland, TN Engineer

"After years of drinking distilled water and developing mineral deficiencies my body is sensitive to any dietary change. Right from the first day of drinking CHA Water my skin became noticeably softer. Soon my fingernails became stronger. My body now seems to be better able to absorb nutrients and if I have occasion to overdo caffeine, I experience absolutely no withdrawal symptoms when I stop. This is very amazing for me. I continue to notice health improvements which can only be attributed to CHA. I think your alkaline water is just in time to help reverse the acidic diets of modern life."

V.B. Birmingham, AL, Int'l Trade Specialist GENERAL HEALTH

"My wife and I have been drinking Cha Water for a few years now and we love it. It has helped reduce my Acid Reflux considerably which has been wonderful. We recently had our third child and from day one, we mixed her formula with Cha Water. At one point we ran out of Cha Water and had to use regular tap water. That night, we could immediately tell a difference. She was fussy and had a hard time sleeping. The next day she was back on Cha Water and things were back to normal. She is now 7 months old and a very healthy and happy baby. We believe her good health is in part to this great water. It is wonderful stuff!"

Brian and Stephanie, Ooltewah, TN

"I have been drinking Abundant Life CHA Water for about two months. During this time I have become 'as regular as a clock' and my blood sugar is much easier to control. Furthermore, everyone tells me I am losing weight. "

D.C., Cullman, AL